Who We Are

We are a consultancy focused on the implementation of emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Analytics (DnA), Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Blockchain, and Consulting, among others.

Primus Consulting was born as an initiative to provide solutions that help transform organizations for an increasingly digital future.

We assist our clients in implementing their Intelligent Automation platform, as we specialize in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a key component in end-to-end solution automation. We possess extensive knowledge and experience in identifying automated processes, platform configuration, robot setup, training capable teams to integrate Centers of Excellence (CoE), and defining and implementing RPA operational models.

In the realm of Data Analytics, we view data as a strategic asset capable of generating a long-term competitive advantage. We identify key use cases that will help companies achieve their objectives. We analyze available resources, define existing gaps, and deliver a roadmap to enable our clients to incorporate predictive models or artificial intelligence tools into their organization.

Regarding Machine Learning, we believe that companies can and should achieve faster results through programs that analyze large volumes of data at high speed. For this reason, we support them in making the best decisions and forecasts based on that analysis. Machine learning applications improve with usage, becoming more accurate as they gain access to more data.

RPA Team

We have more than 20 certified automation engineers, highly skilled in various RPA automation platforms, including Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Rocketbot. Additionally, we are the first 100% Chilean Silver Partner of Blue Prism, one of the market-leading software solutions for process automation. Blue Prism offers easy and quick implementation, featuring a simple and intuitive interface for robot development.

Furthermore, we are a partner of Rocketbot, a national platform that has gained significant traction in the automation market. It proves to be a valuable tool in the business world, characterized by its ease of learning, swift adaptation, and implementation.

“Today, traditional companies and businesses are facing the risk of losing their operations and even their leadership due to digital-native companies. These digital-native companies have all their processes digitized, with an internal culture where technology plays a vital role. They have extremely efficient processes since they do not rely on outdated systems or expensive software implementations. No company should fear experimenting in the digital area. That's why at Primus, we embrace the challenge of being the partner that pushes, helps, and accompanies companies to dare to make these decisions and become part of the technological change. Undoubtedly, this will allow them to gain competitive advantages by incorporating technology into their processes and strategies.”

Rodrigo Prado Managing Partner – Primus

“We recognize that our employees are PRIMUS's most valuable asset, therefore, we ensure to provide a stimulating and collaborative work environment, fostering innovation, creativity, and professional development. We promote continuous learning and offer opportunities for growth and advancement within the company. Additionally, we value diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where all team members feel valued and respected. As we move towards the future, our goal is to expand our operations and strengthen our presence in the global market. We will seek opportunities to collaborate on projects with companies in different industries and geographies, leveraging our expertise and knowledge in RPA to help organizations optimize their processes and achieve sustainable growth.”

Conrado Meli Main Partner - Primus

Our Clients