Successful Cases

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Through our success stories, discover the benefits of our services and how they could benefit your company.

Sodimac: The strategic alliance

Since 2019, Sodimac Chile has chosen Primus as a strategic partner to provide comprehensive RPA services. This includes 24/7 support, operational continuity systems, and analytics.

Key Achievements:
We created 22 robots for Sodimac, which refined various processes within the company. This resulted in a significant reduction in costs and simplified the work of their human capital.

Particularly noteworthy is a robot designed to automatically update the system to remove authorized individuals from Dicom. This had a positive impact, efficiently streamlining the process at Sodimac.

Tanner: Disbursement Case

Since 2018 up to the present day, Tanner Chile has chosen Primus as a strategic partner to provide comprehensive RPA services and operational continuity systems.

Key Achievements:

We created 8 robots for TANNER, which refined specific processes within the company. This optimization brought processes in the area to 100% efficiency and simplified the workload of the workforce.

Particularly notable is the ‘payroll disbursements’ robot, which automates payments to customers who are enrolled in a payroll. The robot has executed transactions totaling over 6 billion CLP in a week, with 0 errors in the process over a span of 5 years.

Suksa: Virtual Collaborators

Since 2019 up to the present day, Suksa has chosen Primus as the specialist area in RPA.

To correct and stabilize the virtual employees performing operational processes within the organization.

Being the entity responsible for ensuring and focusing on their proper functioning, thus achieving the maximum benefits from them.